This is an overview page for Perspectives. It contains links to relevant websites, to Github projects and to documentation.


Three documents respectively introduce the Perspectives Language, give its syntax and an (informal) description of its semantics.

The authoritive reference of the Perspectives Language can be found here:

We also have a page with documents on the design considerations and the architecture.

Another page gives design documents on the InPlace application.

Projects on Github

Perspectives is open source software (with the exception of the EA plugin). Its sources can be found on Github. Currently, the following repositories are available (all projects are written in the Purescript language unless otherwise specified):

Other resources

We maintain three websites about the Perspectives project:

We also have a series of columns on Perspectives on Medium. On our Perspect IT website we irregularly post on our blog.

We've compared Perspectives with Blockchain in a number of articles, too:


Perspectives is under active development. Currently, only parts can be tested and no end user functionality is available. Please refer to the core project for more details. This project also contains source documentation.

Release Notes


In the period November 2019 until July 2020, the PDR and InPlace will be completed in a first version.


Cor Baars and Joop Ringelberg


This work is kindly supported by NLnet as the project "A Distributed Software Stack For Co-operation" under project number 2019-06-024.